Shagun Sweets & Food Court, A perfect blent of delightful taste and comfortable ambience, Restaurant & Food Court & Sweets in Bhilwara

About us

A trusted name in purity since 1988

A trusted name in purity for more than 2 decades, Shagun Sweets was established on 11th July 1988. Shagun sweets is first to introduce the delicious Bengali Sweets in Bhilwara.Though we emphasise on constant innovation we do not give away with the heritage of traditional confectionery. The recipe of each item has been kept unchanged through all these years.

The legendary sweets safed rasgulle, motichoor laddo and dryfruit sweets are still prepared the same way it was used to be prepared a century ago with the exactly same procedure utensils following the same recipes. We still follow the old age procedures, ingredients, and the original recipes that have been passed from one generation to the other.

Traditional Taste, unbeatable quality

Quality sweets, affordable price and finally satisfactory service are our assurance. We quietly re-invent ourselves every day, shedding what is good for what is better. We give keen importance on procuring our raw materials and ingredients because it is the major aspect which decides the quality of the finished products.

Fruit pulps and pieces are used to make different varieties of sweets. Artificial colours and flavours are mostly avoided to maintain the hygienic value of all the products. Exotic fruits like alphanso, kiwi, Australian grapes, peaches, passion fruits, watermelons jackfruit, custard apples, lichies, Dargeeling oranges & tangerines are used in seasons to make some of our famous delicacies.

A shop of sweets with ethics

We at Shagun Groups, are committed to bring to sweets that tickles your taste buds without any compromise in quality. 100% pure and fresh raw materials are used to prepare sweets. Extensive care is taken to make sure that the end product meets high industry standards in terms of quality.

Compromise is never made on quality. Only branded materials or reliable old suppliers are entertained at our organization. All the ingredients are always used fresh.