Shagun Sweets & Food Court, A perfect blent of delightful taste and comfortable ambience, Restaurant & Food Court & Sweets in Bhilwara


Indian sweets, or mithai, are an integral part of Indian culture. Mithai are eaten after meals, on festive/religious occasions, or as a simple sweet escape.  India has a large collection of sweets, with each region specializing in their own unique variety.

Indulge your senses with these mouth-watering and delightful mithais made by the master halwais of Shagun Sweets.  Our master halwai has over 25 years of experience, specializing in sweets from various regions in India.  Shagun Sweets brings to you a wide range of gourmet desserts hand-made from the finest ingredients, providing you with the taste and flavors of India’s sweet treasures. Go ahead, re-live the royal experiences!

We have over 100 varieties of mithai prepared daily on site to ensure maximum freshness of our products.